Why People Can't Say "I Don't Know"?

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I know the answer.

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It is ok not knowing something. Actually, it is as ok as knowing the same thing and, even though, people struggle to give the first answer.

It is way better to have "I don't know" or, "I think this is…" as an answer than a wrong assertion full of (wrong) certain. So we can find out the right thing together.

I really thought about it today, and I think the answer depends on how much ego, pseudo-credibility, pride and vanity the person answering thinks it is acceptable for itself. Of how secure this person is of itself. The more this person likes its own voice, the less you'll hear an "I don't know" from.

Not knowing something is lovely. It means you have room to learn new things. Means the person who asked you ignited a spark, so you can become a better person, by learning something new.

When you answer something that you don't know as you know it, you're doing something really bad to someone. People can make wrong assumptions based on a little think you said.

So, thinking about the question “Why People Can’t Say “I Don’t Know”?”, I’m pretty sure the answer that fits better is: I don’t know why.